Teaching and masterclasses

Caroline has over 10 years’ experience as a singing teacher, providing exceptional tuition for all ages and abilities. Her tailor made lessons, which can be French, German or English, incorporate:

  • solid vocal technique

    (breathing and support, use of resonators, release of tongue and jaw tension, posture)


    study of student specific repertoire

    (musicianship and phrasing, harmony, text and pronunciation)


    preparation for performances, examinations and auditions

    (communication, presentation, stage presence)

A specialist in the classical repertoire (opera, oratorio, song and chamber music), Caroline teaches other musical styles such as jazz and musical theatre. She enjoys working with choirs and has considerable experience in inspiring young singers in a masterclass situation.

Vocal coaching and workshops

Caroline works on a one-to-one basis with a variety of professionals wishing to improve their spoken voice. Her clients include actors, voice over artists, teachers and executives. She also leads group workshops in a corporate setting aimed at liberating the voice.


Her areas of expertise include:

  • breath management and support


    developing a pallet of tones and colours in the spoken voice


    projection and clarity


    posture, gesture and body language


    dealing with nerves


Caroline regularly gives lectures, to professionals from a wide range of industries as well as aspiring young singers. Please note that all lectures can be offered in French or English.

  • Opera: unleash your potential
  • This innovative workshop-lecture has been developed together with international keynote speaker Stéphane Moriou, President of Paris-based consultancy firm MoreHuman Partners. Using the medium of opera, participants are invited to be part of an inspiring experience, demanding sensitivity and imagination whilst also drawing on experience and personal reflection. Taking the form of a two hour interactive, six part pedagogical programme incorporating the world of opera, each participant will leave with a plan of action to unleash their own potential and that of their team. The following key issues are addressed over the course of the event:


    how can the full potential of a team be unleashed and made a reality?


    how can we encourage each individual to express themselves in order to succeed beyond all measure?



    how can we collectively achieve extraordinary performance?

  • Women and Leadership

    How do leading female figures in classical music make a difference to the industry?


    What hurdles do they face in comparison to other professions?


    How has the industry changed with regard to women and what does the future hold?


  • These are just a few of the topics that are covered in this lecture that serves to celebrate the achievements of women within classical music and in turn inspire excellence in fellow leaders in other industries.


  • Giving your yourself options: a creative approach to life after music college
  • Aimed at students about to embark upon a professional musical career, this lecture is particularly relevant to singers but can also be applicable to musicians from other disciplines. Drawing from personal experience as well as insights from a whole host of industry professionals (agents, heads of record labels, composers, casting agents) this two hour lecture aims to inspire and motivate the next generation of classical musicians. Topics covered include:



    self promotion, auditions and building a network of contacts


    differences between working in UK, France and Germany


    making an album, commissioning new works, creating and managing new projects


    generating and maintaining multiple income streams

If you wish to enquire about Caroline’s teaching, coaching or lecture work please do get in touch via the contact page.