Workshops and lectures

Caroline regularly gives lectures to professionals from a wide range of industries and at different levels of experience, from entry to management level. Please note that each workshop or lecture can be offered in English, French or German.

  • Carmen Workshop: learn to excel as a team
  • Developed together with international keynote speaker, author, researcher and management consultant Stéphane Moriou, the Carmen workshop is a unique musical journey during which participants take on the specific challenge of preparing for a performance (in costume) of the famous Habanera “Love is like a defiant bird” (“L’amour est un oiseau rebelle”) from Bizet’s most celebrated opera. The excerpt has been chosen because it forces the participants to step out of their comfort zone. By experiencing in a very real way the demands of what it takes to be an opera singer, participants embark upon an unforgettable adventure: a journey in to the world of musical high performance. The workshop seamlessly alternates between insights in to management and teamwork, vocal preparation exercises and a final feedback session. The objective is that each individual attains an unimaginable performance as a result of which they leave with tangible commitments. Here are just some of the topics dealt with over the course of the two to three hour session:


    how can the full potential of a team be unleashed and made a reality?


    how can we encourage each individual to express themselves in order to succeed beyond all measure?



    how can we collectively achieve extraordinary performance?


    *NB: the workshop can also be integrated in to the two day workshop “Leadership and Opera” with the participation of the conductor Ingmar Beck*

  • Lecture - Concert: Baroque and Leadership
  • In this lecture-concert, Caroline MacPhie joins Franck-Emmanuel Comte, director of the international baroque ensemble Le Concert de l’Hostel Dieu and Stéphane Moriou, keynote speaker, author, researcher and management consultant to deliver a unique experience combining baroque music with the latest advances in neuroscience. The baroque style came in to being at the start of the seventeenth century as a result of the necessity for individual expression. In order for this new sound to take full effect, the role of the singer-soloist came in to its own. This personal form of expression nevertheless adhered to a certain framework in the form of various accompanying instruments (harpsichord, viol, theorbo).  Through this delicate balancing act between the soloist and the collective ensemble an exquisite new form combining expressivity and harmony was born. More than a simple metaphor, baroque music can provide us with specific indicators as to how we can better understand the role of our emotions in the world:


    What is the purpose of our emotions and how can we learn to manage them more effectively?


    Do they always need to be shared?


    What is their role when confronted with the more dominant rational way of thinking?


    How can we articulate our aspirations and personal needs within the structure of our workplace and society as a whole?

  • Lecture: Opera as a model to inspire high performance
  • Opera is a high performance environment. The majority of young artists graduating from an internationally acclaimed music college have already acquired the 10,000 hours deemed necessary to achieve the status of “expert”. Indeed, some have even reached this stage well before the end of their studies: one need only think of countless piano and violon prodigies who perform complex concertos from a young age. Given the high level of technical expertise that is a prerequisite for any professional musician, why do certain singers or instrumentalists affect us more than others? What is the secret ingredient that transports the listener, even moving him or her to tears? Over the course of this one hour lecture, Caroline explores three key elements that are at the heart of creating consistent levels of artistic high performance. In so doing she will share a tangible solutions through which you and your team can learn how to:


    embrace imperfection whilst striving for excellence


    maintain levels of personal and collective high performance in the long term


    adopt a solution oriented mindset when facing obstacles in a high pressure environment


    maintain motivation and creativity in order to adapt to the demands of a changing world

Vocal coaching

Caroline works on a one-to-one basis with a variety of professionals wishing to improve their spoken voice. Her clients include actors, voice over artists, teachers, journalists and chief executives. She also leads group workshops in a corporate setting aimed at liberating the voice.


Her areas of expertise include:

  • breath management and support


    developing a pallet of tones and colours in the spoken voice


    projection and clarity


    posture, gesture and body language


    dealing with nerves

Teaching and masterclasses

Caroline has over 10 years’ experience as a singing teacher, providing exceptional tuition for all ages and abilities. Her tailor made lessons, which can be in French, German or English, incorporate:

  • solid vocal technique

    (breathing and support, use of resonators, release of tongue and jaw tension, posture)


    study of student specific repertoire

    (musicianship and phrasing, harmony, text and pronunciation)


    preparation for performances, examinations and auditions

    (communication, presentation, stage presence)

Caroline specialises in the classical repertoire (opera, oratorio, song and chamber music) but also teaches other musical styles such as jazz and musical theatre. Her lessons can be given online as well as in person and audio recordings and videos are provided to facilitate the student’s learning journey. Caroline regularly organises concerts and masterclasses for her students throughout the academic year so that they can put in to practice the work they have done over the course of the lessons. She also leads masterclasses for aspiring new singers who wish to pursue a career in music and with her background in languages is able to offer extensive expertise in the area of Lieder, Mélodie and English Song. In addition to her private students, Caroline is a teacher of vocal technique at the Children’s Opera School at Lyon Opera. Private lessons can be booked individually or at a discount for a group of sessions. For more information please get in touch via the Contact Page.

“Caroline is such a great teacher! My vocal production has improved in all areas and I am much more secure now concerning the placement of my different registers and pitch.”
“I greatly enjoy Caroline’s lessons. The pertinence of her advice, her professionalism, enthusiasm and positivity all make for a remarkable teacher. I heartily recommend her to anyone wishing to discover or progress in the operatic repertoire.”
“Caroline is charming, brimming with energy, very professional and really helps me to progress”

If you wish to enquire about Caroline’s teaching, coaching or lecture work please do get in touch via the contact page.